Friday, May 13, 2005

Dear all,

Welcome to the first posting to our new teflpodcasting blog. I hope this will prove a useful forum for developing this idea and we can build up a comprehensive selection of links and attract an active membership. This replaces the Global Village blog that didn't really go anywhere, but then neither did GV in the end. I hope in this case we're barking up the right tree - personally I feel very optimistic, not to mention excited, about the potential of podcasting as a teaching tool and learning resource. I've had good feedback from my students already and the idea of using material from my podcast as authentic listening material with a whole class has worked well. I'm particularly looking forward to developing links to a wide selection of podcasts, both in terms of developing ideas in this area and find useful sources of authentic materials. so over to you all.


Blogger Graham said...

Great idea to set this up Steve. I-ve just joined and I will be posting something later on

1:33 pm  
Blogger johnkuti said...

I do my recording on minidisk and then convert into mp3 using a rather laborious process. I'd love to find a way to make high quality mp3 recordings "on the fly"...

12:45 pm  
Blogger Graham said...

Hi John. I've also used a minidisk recorder, and agree that the pain is the inability to record as mp3.

I've recently just got hold of an iriver mp3 player that not only has a built-in mic, but also a line out which you can attach a mic to. I've tried it out once or twice so far and it's not bad.

I also recommend downloading Audacity (, a powerful (and free) sound editor for the PC and Mac.

8:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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